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ARCES-palazzinaThe Advanced Research Center on Electronic Systems for Information and Communication Technologies E. De Castro(ARCES) was established at the University of Bologna on May 23, 2001, after the approval by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) of a project to set up an excellence center (EC) in the area of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). ARCES has indeed achieved a number of important results consolidating its structure, strengthening its research organization, and gaining a wider recognition within the local environment and the scientific community at large. ARCES has also proved its ability to devise new projects at the forefront of advanced research in ICT, and to collect the financial resources which are needed to ensure its growth and success within the research arena.
European PhD Program
A European doctorate program in Information Technology was started by ARCES at the beginning of year 2004. The participating Institutions are a number of highly-qualified European Universities and Research Centers, which signed an agreement protocol to define terms and conditions of the program. By separate agreements, a discipline ruling the conferral of double doctorate degrees has been established by the University of Bologna with K.U. Leuven and INPG Grenoble, as well as with the Research Institutes IMEC and CEA-LETI.
Scientific Activity
ARCES-scientificactivityARCES Researchers possess high level competences in several fields related to Information and Communication Technologies  such as: Semiconductor Devices Physics, IC design, Signal Processing and Algorithms, Non Linear Control, Communications Techniques and Systems, Bio-Electronics, Geomatics, Navigation Systems Control, Computer Vision, Applied Mathematics and Geometry.
PhD Students
The PhD students who are, or have been, carrying out their research program in ARCES in the five-year period 2001-2005 are registered in four different PhD courses: the first one, which was set up in ARCES in the academic year 2003/04, is referred to as "Information Technology"; the second one is called "Electronics, Computer and Telecommunication Engineering" and is organized by the DEIS Department; the third one is the course in "Mathematics" and the fourth one is referred to as "Computational Mathematics". ARCES is currently educating 23 PhD students in Information Technology and is, or has been, educating 43 PhD students in Electronics, Computer and Telecommunication Engineering and 5 students in Mathematics or Computational Mathematics.
ARCES future strategy
ARCES-sala_riunioniIn view of the economic problems of the Country, it is reasonable to expect that national funding of research programs will severely decline in the coming years. This process has already started in the last few years, and is likely to continue in the next five-year period. Nearly all Universities in this Country are facing challenging budget problems due to severe funding cuts, and the University budget structure, which typically allocates over 90% of the available resources to the payment of salaries, is forced to narrow down its support to research, at least in the short term.

ARCES member Prof. Cecilia Metra has been re-elected member of the Board of Governors of IEEE Computer Society for the term 2016-2018.


Due gruppi di studenti di Ingegneria, guidati da ricercatori di ARCES, sono tra i 20 finalisti del "Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge Europe 2015".

I titoli dei progetti proposti sono:
- Piezoelectric sensor node for structural health monitoring applications;
- Power line communication in low-voltage bus for Smart LED lighting.


Prof. Massimo Ferri was co-organizer of the Workshop "Advances in interactive Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining in complex and big data sets", that took place at Banff International Research Staton (BIRS) in Canada, July 24-26 2015


Claudia Landi delivered an invited talk at the Topological Data Analysis Conference (TDA) in Oxford (England), 19-20 June 2015


Massimo Ferri was invited speaker at the AMS-EMS-SPM International meeting in Porto (Portugal), 10-13 June 2015

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