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ARCES is located in Bologna (three sites named MARS, STAR, and ARES) and in Cesena (LYRAS).

ARCES headquarters are located in Via Toffano 2/2, Bologna.

Open spaces with over 40 workstations, equipped with software tools and networking for research on computer vision, wireless communication, signal processing, semantic computing and IoT platforms.

This is a characterization laboratory equipped for electrical measurements on devices and ICs. High-frequency measurement instrumentation, Logic State Analyzer, semiconductor parametric analyzer and optical profilometer are also available.

The facility is equipped to support the design, fabrication, and characterization of innovative electronic systems. ARCES-STAR also hosts the joint laboratory of ARCES and STMicroelectronics.

The laboratory is fully equipped for the design, development and characterization of microelectronic analog circuits and sensor interfaces, ultra-low noise and ultra-low power microelectronic systems and innovative solar cells.