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Sensors and Actuators Interfaces

Study and development of sensors and actuators from the physical transduction to the electronic interface and data processing.

The main research focus of our group is aimed at investigating the theory and the design of the sensor transduction process and its optimization in the electronic designs. Sensors and actuators are highly multi-disciplinary subjects involving the study and exploitation of phenomena that occur at the interface between the physical systems and electronic interface with particular emphasis on noise. Furthermore, electronic sensing process cannot be conceived without a general overview of the general acquisition architecture. For this reason, the sensing process is explored concurrently on several layers: physical, electronic, data processing. The most important integrated circuits (ICs) developed during the last years are related to: ultra-low noise biosensor interfaces for electrophysiology, impedance spectroscopy for biomedical and environmental sensors, nanowire and nanopore interfaces, capacitive and magnetic (Hall effect) system-on-chip, resonant MEMs and time-to-digital interfaces, industrial sensors. Finally, efforts are being focused in the physical limits of the sensing process. Other research activities include the development of industrial applications of piezoelectric sensors and actuators for assessing the rheological properties of materials and objects, and distributed smart meters/smart plugs for monitoring individual electrical appliances for energy efficiency purposes.

Giulia Luciani
Matteo Pizzotti
Aldo Romani
Cinzia Tamburini
Marco Tartagni (ARCES Principal Investigator)

PRIN (Italian National project) - GRETA (DEI)


Marco Tartagni

Associate Professor

Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Energia Elettrica e dell'Informazione "Guglielmo Marconi"

Via Venezia 52

Cesena (FC)

tel: +39 0547 339233

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