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Energy harvesting and nano-power circuits

Development of electronic systems and integrated circuits for energy harvesting and micro-power conversion, based on piezoelectric, thermoelectric, photovoltaic, and RF transducers.
Energy Harvesting 2

The paradigms of pervasive and ubiquitous electronics still require advancements in architectures with ultra-low intrinsic power consumption. Energy autonomy should be achieved by extracting power from environmental energy source such as piezoelectric, thermoelectric, photovoltaic, and RF transducers, as well as by managing and distributing power to system components while performing efficient sensing and communication.

This research projects aims at the development of sustainable energy harvesting and micro-power conversion circuits in both discrete electronics and integrated circuit (IC) implementations. The activities carried on within this research are: (i) modeling and characterization of energy transducers; (ii) the minimization of intrinsic consumption of power conversion/management systems for operation with sub-µW regimes; (iii) to investigate circuit solutions for minimizing the battery-less start-up voltage to few tens of mV, by exploiting sub-threshold circuits and step-up oscillators based on custom magnetic and piezoelectric transformers, including MEMS devices; (iv) the minimization of the power requirements of application circuits including sensing and communication, and the development of minimally invasive wireless sensor nodes with ultra-low consumption for environmental monitoring, wearable electronics, and energy efficiency in buildings; (v) the design of power conversion and management circuits for IoT applications with negligible battery consumption; (vi) the investigation of the next generation of RFID systems with enhanced sensing and localization capabilities.

The research activities specifically focused on integrated circuit design are carried on in strict collaboration with STMicroelectronics.

Roberto Canegallo (STMicroelectronics)
Matteo Pizzotti
Aldo Romani (ARCES Principal Investigator)
Marco Tartagni

JTI-ENIAC - LAB4MEMS: LAB FAB for Smart Sensors and Actuators MEMS
PRIN (Italian National project) - GRETA (DEI)


Aldo Romani

Associate Professor

Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Energia Elettrica e dell'Informazione "Guglielmo Marconi"

Via Venezia 52

Cesena (FC)

tel: +39 0547 339128