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ARCES involved in the new European project WInSiC4AP

On June 1st, the ECSEL - WInSiC4AP project formally started. The University of Bologna with ARCES, is involved in the project through the par ticipation of IUNET (the Italian Interuniversitiy Consortium for Nanoelectronics), with research teams from the Universities of Padova and Calabria.

WInSiC4AP core objective is to contribute in developing reliable technology bricks for efficient and cost-effective applications addressing social challenges and market segments where Europe is a recognized global leader as well as automotive, avionics, railway and defense.

The project is financed in the framework of H2020 research programme, both by the European Commission (through the ECESEL Joint Undertaking) and by the Italian government.

The scientific coordinator for ARCES is Prof. Susanna Reggiani, with other ARCES members involved in the research team: Alberto Borghetti, Claudio Fiegna and Enrico Sangiorgi.

Published on 23 July 2017